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Freebie: ACTIVE LIVING Family Workbook for this Summer PLUS a Giveaway Contest

The days are long but the years are short. Make the most of the time you have with your kids while they are at home.




The last day of school triggers different emotions for parents and children, doesn’t it? Our children whole-heartedly welcome summer break with joy and jubilation. No classes, no homework, no tests and they get to go to bed later and sleep in! However, for parents, the thought of summer break can be daunting. What do we do with our kids? 

Summer Activity 2021


Thankfully, there are summer programs that we can enroll our kids in. Such programs can be a great investment to enrich your kids’ summer break in a fun and fruitful way.


This workbook does not replace summer enrichment programs designed and delivered by educational professionals. What a relief it can be for us parents have the professionals educate our kids for a large part of the day. Having said that, it really is important for us to acknowledge that there are things that we parents should not outsource. And that’s why I believe this workbook can be a valuable supplement to your summer plans.

It’s been said that “the days are long but the years are short.” And when I take that to heart, I do want to cherish the opportunity to pour into my kids directly in these important developmental years, especially in extended periods of time like the holidays.

Over the years, my husband and I engage our kids in a structured framework with the intention of helping them to keep growing stronger physically, emotionally, spiritually and relationally outside of school. This has given us valuable structure to our summer break days. Additionally, my hope in designing this workbook to share with other families is that it can help lessen the stress that comes with having kids at home 24/7. Amazingly, some form of structure gives us freedom to be creative as well as keep the stress of boredom at bay!

This summer break workbook is a culmination of essentially what we’ve informally done over the years to keep our kids active and learning in various ways. The goal is not to keep a rigidly structured routine, but to prompt kids to identify areas where they want to see themselves grow, craft their own SMART goals, and brainstorm how they want to manage their energy within the time they are gifted with. With this workbook as a tool, they can exercise important self-leadership, self-coaching and energy management skills.

I hope you and your school-age children will enjoy filling out this workbook and be blessed!

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Freebie: ACTIVE LIVING Family Workbook for this Summer PLUS a Giveaway Contest

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