Hip Mobility

Why You Need to Include Hip Mobility in Your Training

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Let’s talk hip mobility. It’s amazing to think that the hip joint includes over 15 muscles working together to give the hip full range of motion! Hip flexibility and mobility can be easily neglected in exercise programs. Good trainers will place  great importance in my client’s hip mobility as I design their strength programs.

Good hip mobility and flexibility gives you the ability to perform moves more powerfully and efficiently. It also helps minimise the risk of back and knee pain. Because your knees and lumbar back are neighbors to the hips in the kinetic chain, decreased hip mobility will make you compensate through your back and knees when you lift.

Try Slider Disc Circles

Foam rolling is great, but there are more hip-muscles activating exercises like these slider disc circles.You can choose to keep your inactive knee on the floor or elevate it into the bear crawl position to call your core into action. See me demonstrating this move here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CMezpcprJh9/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Don’t have slider discs? No worries, wear socks and do this on a wooden floor, or use a small hand towel. A paper plate also works great!

hip mobility in training


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